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Qatar National Day

Celebrating Qatar's largest annual event at the Doha Corniche and the Darb Al Saai cultural festival

Under the direction of the State National Day Organizing Committee (SNDCOC), fischerAppelt managed the Qatar National Day celebrations between 2010 and 2016.


fischerAppelt was the lead agency for the entire celebration events in 2011, 2013 and 2014, managed the Corniche in 2015 and 2016 and Darb Al Saai in 2010 and 2012. Since 2017, the National Day Celebrations are organized by the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Center without the involvement of a dedicated event agency.


The cultural festival "Darb Al Saai" featured a wide range of cultural and entertainment activities revolving around Qatari traditions and heritage, such as Shad Al Zulul, horse beauty shows, hunting and falconry traditions, a shooting range, large custom-built Souq areas, representations of Qatari organizations and much more.

The tasks of fischerAppelt for Darb Al Saai included the conceptualization of the venue layout which was built in 2013 in its current location, designs for custom-made structures, TV studios and sets, activities and illumination elements as well as the entire technical and operational planning and execution of the site and activities including a dedicated RFP process to identify and evaluate relevant contractors and their proposals. The large-scale technical and logistical infrastructure required planning and coordination with dozens of governmental authorities and bodies, more than 30 contractors and hundreds of staff.


The activities at the Corniche area varied from year to year and included elements such as exhibitions exploring Qatars past, present and future kids activities. The main attraction at the Corniche on 18th December was the National Day Parade featuring vehicles, troops and breathtaking maritime and aircraft shows in the morning and spectacular music-synchronized National Day fireworks displays spanning the entire Doha Bay as well as unique, custom-made lighting displays with new concepts every year. Further activities included special parade displays involving kids, pre-show activities to entertain the crowds before the start of the parade, and more.

The tasks of fischerAppelt for Darb Al Saai included the design and planning of the technical and operational infrastructure for than 4 km along the Corniche with grandstand seating for 15,000 - 20,000 spectators, a synchronized large-scale audio system covering the entire 4 km stretch to cover the National Day Parade and the music-synchronized fireworks as well as public ablution facilities, security infrastructure and the build of the Emiri Grandstand and Royal Family Grandstands with back-of-house facilities and hospitality infrastructure. In addition, the integration of the TV broadcast of the parade and fireworks was coordinated. A dedicated RFP process to identify and evaluate relevant contractors and their proposals was executed for the Corniche as well.