An award-winning international marketing and event agency in Qatar
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An award-winning international event agency in the Middle East

Who we are

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Our Doha and Riyadh branches are franchisees of fischerAppelt AG, with access to the global resources, knowledge and network of fischerAppelt  , a leading owner-managed agency group headquartered in Germany, with more than 800 employees at over 13 locations   working in events, sports marketing, public relations, film production, advertising and branding.

Our values are deeply rooted in our heritage and they remain in our work ethic until this day.

  • Organisation
  • Accountability
  • Critical thinking
  • Honesty

Our multinational team have delivered hundreds of successful projects and award-winning productions to high-profile clients and organizations across industry sectors in Qatar and the region since 2009. We understand the ambition and flexibility in the Middle East and approach this with German professionalism. We combine the best of both worlds.

We deliver what we promise....What you see is what you get!

How We Work

Turnkey Solutions

Based on our experience with the entire life cycle of events throughout all departments – from the obvious and large parts like technical production and project management – to the small and rather hidden details that stay invisible and become only obvious when forgotten in the planning process, we are trained to think about every detail.

fischer appelt project management

This enables us to offer Turnkey Solutions on large scale projects as a one-stop-shop which doesn’t only ensure that all aspects are taken care of, but especially that the interconnectivity between departments is guaranteed which ultimately is the essence to our quality promise. And this is what sets us apart, we connect the entire process in-house. Thats how we find solutions for big ideas. And turn them into memorable well-organised events.

Its a full cycle that makes an idea come to life.

At fischerAppelt creative works hand in hand with technical planning and project management. That is why we can keep our promises. What you see in our creative concepts will be. We deliver what we promise. What you see is what you get!


We are proud of our many award winning projects providing international recognition of our work within the industry across the globe.

Your Contacts

Boris Hirschmüller

Boris Hirschmüller

General Manager Middle East

Jessica Gollnow

Jessica Gollnow

Business Director Middle East

Philip Westphal

Philip Westphal

Head of Branch KSA