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The Doha International Conference on Disability and Development (DICDD) was the first dedicated conference of its kind in Qatar.

Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, founder of Qatar Foundation for Social Work and its affiliated civil society centers, the conference was held in 7th and 8th December 2019 under the theme “Harnessing the Power of Sustainable Development Agenda to advance the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”.

The Task

The Doha International Conference on Disability and Development 2019 (DICDD), to be held on 7th and the 8th of December 2019, marked a qualitative evolution of Qatari policy making. The key visionary item on the agenda focused on how to rationalize, consolidate, contextualize, and streamline the nexus between the UN SDGs and the UN CRPDs in order to achieve meaningful structural change that leads to the successful achievement of inclusive equality through sustainable social development efforts.

As the first dedicated conference on disability and development ever held in Qatar, DICDD required a focused approach integrating highest levels of accessibility into conference setting, content and programme and venue utilization.

The Solution

The conference was was held at Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC), utilizing a variety of venues for its diverse programme of plenary sessions, workshops, panel discussions and other elements.

The conference featured an exhibition focused on building awareness for disability and on success stories of famous people with disability and their achievements.

Special attention was given to the integration of accessibility as a key driver of venue design, access planning and routing, branding and signage, digital tools and physical setup elements.