Qatar National Day: celebrating traditions and heritage

Dec 2014

Creation and management of Darb-A-Saai for the Qatar National Day 2014

Directed by the State National Day Organizing Committee, fischerAppelt was selected to manage all activities for the 2014 Qatar National Day celebrations at Darb Al Saai as well as the Doha Corniche areas.

The cultural festival “Darb-A-Saai” held near the Al Sadd area of Doha featured a wide range of cultural and entertainment activities revolving around Qatari traditions and heritage, such as Shad Al Zulul, horse beauty shows, hunting and falconry traditions, a shooting range, a large custom-built Souq area, representations of Qatari organizations and much more. The festival was host for many other temporary activities.

More than 200,000 people visited the site and the various activities over its 12 days operation period.

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