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Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

Supreme Committee Staff Day

A special day for over 500 employees

Over 500 employees gathered at the Four Seasons Doha for the 2017 staff day to celebrate successful milestones delivered and the 5-year mark towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The Task

The Supreme Committee staff day, an event of great significance as it marked 5 years remaining towards the historic FIFA World Cup™ in 2022, aimed to boost morale and focus the efforts on delivering a the landmark FIFA World Cup™ 2022 with a set of custom-made activities and an engaging programme.

The Solution

Key elements of the creative development was the conceptualisation of a unique team activity which would allow all employees to engage in an activity at the same time which would reflect values, programmes, milestones and important other elements of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy as well as football in general in one concept.

A massive “Chain Reaction” was implemented, with many different stations and content elements, built by the employees with simple everyday objects.