It's GOLD!!


The prestigious international Golden Award of Montreux awarded the Gold Medal to the Qatar Science & Technology Park 10th Anniversary Celebration in the category "Celebration / Anniversary"

The Golden Award of Montreux is an international media award, recognizing agencies and individuals for the creation of excellent advertising, multimedia and events within the cultural surroundings of television and music festivals. A high-profile international jury from 16 countries evaluates entries in the main categories film, print, outdoor, digital, media, direct marketing, event/spatial communications and corporate film.

In the category “Celebration / Anniversary”, the winner of the 2020 Gold Medal is the Qatar Science & Technology Park 10th Anniversary Celebration, produced by fischerAppelt in October 2019 for the Qatar Foundation and Qatar Science & Technology Park.

Official listing of the winning project

The anniversary celebration needed to be an event with an exceptional creative approach, showcasing not only the members incorporated at QSTP, the vision of QSTP to be an international hub for scientific and technology innovation, tech-based entrepreneurship and high-tech businesses, but an integrated concept embracing the motto for the celebration: Catalyzing the Future.

Guests enjoying the beautiful setting

Celebrating QSTP’s 10th Anniversary was a powerful marketing opportunity to promote this important milestone, boost employee engagement and raise awareness about QSTP’s overall brand and services, as well as strengthen relationships with QSTP companies, partners, clients and the public at large. The Anniversary also was the perfect time to unify the brand and showcase the “ONE QSTP” mindset – highlighting the organization’s overall achievements, success, knowledge, experience and longevity.

Key objective was to create an experience to draw attention to QSTP’s past and present, while capturing QSTP stories, icons, and lessons learned, to address solutions to new challenges or opportunities for future growth and development.

The event concept featured two main elements: an exhibition and the main ceremony. To capture the curiosity of the guests upon entering the venue, an exhibition was designed which showcased innovations and achievements from the QSTP members, as well as its national and international economic and academic partnerships.

The interactive exhibition

The heart of the ceremony was the main setting with a purpose-built stage and screen setup for the official part with speeches, films and an interactive show production as the highlight of the evening. We created a main screen to screen content individually for several films produced for the occasion as well as motion graphics and live feed, combined with a bespoke 3D projection mapping of the building façade aligned with the main screen to form one giant media surface for the interactive show production as the highlight of the celebration.

The interactive 4D show was produced just for the occasion and featured a number of innovative elements:

  • The combination of main screen and the 3D projection mapping on the building façade for an integrated media surface
  • Four performers with a dynamic choreography interacting with the media content on different levels (stage level and on top of the main screen)
  • A motion tracking system that allowed the performers to direct elements of the media content to form an immersive and seamless show experience
  • Illumination elements used by the performers to enhance the media production with lighting effects

Interactive 4D Show

Performers on two levels using innovative motion-tracking technology to control the show

The win of the 2020 Golden Award of Montreux Gold Medal is a fantastic achievement proving that our creative work and the opportunities for outstanding projects in Qatar measure up to the strongest international competition.

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